No Cop Housing in Pittsburgh


DID YOU KNOW The Alanta Police Foundation (APF)* is planning to build FIVE houses for Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers on Bender Street in the Pittsburgh neighborhood.

We are opposing this for a few reasons:

1. We are in an unprecedented housing crisis where resources could be spent on housing the people!

2. More police does not mean less “crime”!** There is no research that shows that more resources to policing reduces “crime”. “Crime” reduction comes from investments in community through things like affordable housing, public infrastructure improvements, quality schools, etc.

3. More police in our community means more surveillance and more Black and poor folks being arrested and jailed.

We want resouces and community control over public safety! We demand:
  • ALL 5 houses are given to Black legacy residents of Pittsburgh.
  • The Atlanta Police Foundation, a private entity with NO accountability to our communities, is disbanded to end community surveillance and stop Cop City.

Sign Our Petition

If you feel the same way as us, sign our petition to let APF and APD know where we want the money to go!

*The Atlanta Police Foundation is a private group of CEOs and Executives in the City of Atlanta that is not accountable to the public. It raises money for APD projects like installing thousands of surveillance cameras in our neighborhoods, and the proposed $90 million “Cop City” – an urban warfare training facility right outside of south Atlanta where cops would practice bomb testings, tear gas explosions, high speed chases and shooting drills.

** “Crime” is a word that identifies acts that have historically been defined by white, resourced bodies of people as disruptive enough to be criminalized by the government. However, “harm” is a word that more accurately encompasses all manner of violence committed against individuals and communities ranging from the physical to the social and economic, including acts that are not deemed “criminal” (like the violent decisions being made in the US Supreme Court), but are harms against the community nonetheless.