Our first chapter owns a community house in a community in the early stages of gentrification. Without strong programs and organizing the community will not be able to fight this trend. We organize our own Afrikan rights of passage program for youth called Siafu Youth Corps;  We have a farmers market and community garden as part of our food sustainability program. The CMB community house also hosts community organizations and meetings, work-force housing for Black urban-farmers; a home-schooling program for youth; A food cooperative the West Atlanta food-cooperative; A podcast named Renegade Culture.


The Dallas Chapter of Community Movement Builders was formed to support the ongoing organizing and community sustainability work in the Dallas area by experienced activists on the ground. The chapter works on youth organizing, sustainable development, police misconduct, community organizing and policy work impacting Black people in the Dallas area.  


The Detroit Chapter is in the process of transforming a house into a into a Neighborhood Organizing Institution that will function as a Neighborhood Training Center/Café rooted in the values of Black self-determination, economic justice (cooperative economic), transformation, radical education, leadership and youth development, holistic healing and resistance!


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